Declaration of Interests

The NHS Code of Accountability requires NHS Lincolnshire East Clinical Commissioning Group members to declare interests which are relevant to the NHS organisation of which they are a member.

Matters which should be declared include:

  • Directorships, including non-executive directorships held in private companies, or PLCs (with the exception of those of dormant companies)
  • Ownership or part-ownership of private companies, businesses or consultancies likely or possibly seeking to do business with the NHS
  • Majority or controlling shareholdings in organisations likely or possibly seeking to do business with the NHS
  • A position of authority in a charity or voluntary organisation in the field of health and social care
  • Any connection with a voluntary or other organisation contracting for NHS services
  • Research funding/grants that may be received by an individual or their department
  • Interest in pooled funds that are under separate management (any relevant company included in this fund that has a potential relationship with the CCG must be declared)

Register of Interests

The Chief Operating Officer will ensure that a register of interests is established to record formal declarations of interests of Board members, Associate Directors and staff members. In particular the register will include details of all directorships and other relevant and material interests which have been declared. These details will be kept up to date by means of an annual review of the register in which any changes to interests declared during the preceding twelve months will be incorporated.

pdf Register of Interests 2019/20 - Updated Jan 2020 - CCG Officers (135 KB)

pdf Register of Interests 2019/20 - Updated Jan 2020 - Gov Body Members (47 KB)

pdf Register of Interests 2019/20 - Updated Jan 2020 - Localities (189 KB)

pdf Register of Interests 2019/20 - Updated Jan 2020 - Other (106 KB)

Conflicts of Interest Guardian

Lincolnshire East CCG’s Conflicts of Interest Guardian is Mrs Tracey Latham-Green, Lay Member for Governance and the Audit Chair.

The role of the Conflicts of Interest Guardian, in collaboration with the governance lead, should be to:-

  • Act as a conduit for GP practice staff, members of the public and healthcare professionals who have any concerns with regards to conflicts of interest
  • Be a safe point of contact for employees or workers of the CCG to raise any concerns in relation to this policy
  • Support the rigorous application of conflict of interest principles and policies
  • Provide independent advice and judgement where there is any doubt about how to apply conflicts of interest policies and principles in an individual situation
  • Provide advice on minimising the risks of conflicts of interest

Reporting breaches

The CCG with publish anonymised details of any breaches of Conflicts of Interest on this page.  There are no breaches to report.