The ReSPECT Process

ReSPECT Process

What should happen to you in an emergency?

In a crisis, health professionals may have to make rapid decisions about your treatment, and you may not be well enough to participate in making choices.

The ReSPECT process empowers you to guide the health professionals on what treatments you would or would not want to be considered for. It can also record the things that are most important to you and that should be prioritised, as well as treatments that would not work for you.

ReSPECT was launched across Lincolnshire in February 2019. The video below explains more about the process itself.

ReSPECT Launch Video from Lincolnshire NHS on Vimeo.

Record your preferences on a ReSPECT Form

Many life-sustaining treatments involve risks of causing harm, discomfort and loss of dignity, or the risk of dying in hospital when you may have wanted to be at home. Many people choose not to take those risks if the likelihood of benefit from treatment is small. The ReSPECT form can record preferences and recommendations for emergency situations, whatever stage of life you are at.

In this section you can find lots of useful local information including staff training, promotional materials, patient case studies, and latest news.

To order the ReSPECT form, promotional materials, or for further information about the ReSPECT process please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For national information you can visit:

Staff Training

Since the launch of ReSPECT we have organised a number of staff “train the trainer” workshops where designated staff from a number of local organisations have been shown how to complete the ReSPECT form. These staff have then gone on to train staff in their own organisations.

Below is a copy of the presentation slides used at the workshops.

ReSPECT Presentation – Lincolnshire

Case Studies

Prior to the launch of ReSPECT we spoke to a number of people who had experiences situations where their/their loved ones wishes had not been respected in an emergency situation. This highlighted the importance of ReSPECT and the reasons why implementing the process across Lincolnshire was so important.

ReSPECT Patient Story - Margaret Inkpen from Lincolnshire NHS on Vimeo.

ReSPECT Patient Story Barry Wilson from Lincolnshire NHS on Vimeo.

Since the launch of ReSPECT we have also spoken to a number of people who are now benefiting from the process and have confidence that their wishes will be respected.

ReSPECT Dying Matters from Lincolnshire NHS on Vimeo.