Skegness and Coast

Skegness and Coast Clinical Commissioning Locality is a group of GPs from six practices on the East Coast of Lincolnshire who are working together to improve the quality and delivery of services for our patients and to reduce health inequalities across the area.

The locality includes areas of significant socio-economic deprivation alongside more affluent areas, and an ageing population – at some of our GP practices more than 30% of the patient list is aged over 65 years, compared with the England average of 17%. Other characteristics influencing the health needs of our patients include a higher than average prevalence of obesity and long term conditions, such as Diabetes and COPD.

We aim to develop new and better solutions to improve the quality and levels of care within our local communities and to give patients better access to the health care services they need. We are particularly keen to ensure that, where it is safe and appropriate to do so, patients are treated closer to home or repatriated back to their local hospital for rehabilitation following acute treatment and care. Initiatives including the development of an Urgent Care Centre at Skegness Hospital will help us deliver services safely and efficiently, closer to you, our patients.

Patients registered at all practices across East Lincolnshire are now able to access pre-booked appointments for routine GP services in the evenings and weekends. The booked appointment will take place at one of three local extended access hubs. All appointments can be booked through your own GP practice or through NHS111 when your practice is closed, either for same day booked appointments or to book in advance. Find out more about GP and Nurse extended hours appointments

GP Surgeries

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