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Folder ‘Hearing Lincolnshire's Hidden Voices 1’ (Lincolnshire Diversity and Inclusion Listening Event) - 16 May 2018

Hearing Lincolnshires Hidden Voices 2018 7

This event was organised as part of the NHS Equality, Diversity and Human Rights week 2018, which encourages organisations nationally to highlight their work to create a fairer, more inclusive NHS for patients and staff. United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT) and Lincolnshire East Clinical Comissioning Group (LECCG) jointly organised this event to raise awareness of equality, diversity and human rights issues amongst our staff.

We have key legal and business responsibilities to ensure that we respond appropriately to the needs of the diverse population we serve and do the utmost to eliminate discrimination and promote equality and diversity amongst our staff and service users.

The aim of this event was to create dialogue and help us ensure that we are able to meet the diverse health needs of our local population. During the event representatives from different local groups were asked to share their experiences of accessing healthcare services with staff, and their views on local NHS plans. The day included presentations, information sharing and opportunities for discussion giving all those who attended the chance to share, listen, learn and plan together to support the improvement of services for different protected characteristics and community groups in East Lincolnshire.


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