Our vision, mission, values & aims

We have a vision of a CCG where clinicians are working together to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of care, with resources based on need, and which benefits all of our patients as fairly as possible.

Our Mission

To ensure the optimum health and wellbeing of the people we serve by commissioning high quality health services which support choice; promoting healthy lifestyles and personal responsibility; reducing inequalities in opportunity, experience and health outcomes.

Our Values

The values that lie at the heart of our work are:

  • Quality - safety, effectiveness and patient experience will guide our decisions
  • Clinical leadership - we believe clinicians should be our key leaders and primary influence
  • Patient focus - we will seek the views of patients and take them into account in what we do
  • Integration and partnership - we will use these as keys to success
  • Fairness - we believe investment should reflect need
  • Equality - we will strive for equality of patient experience, opportunity and outcome
  • Good value - we will use NHS resources to best effect

Our Aims

We will focus on:

  • Commissioning high quality care based on evidence of effectiveness
  • Engaging patients and carers in decisions about care and services
  • Improving access to services, and providing care close to home where possible
  • Reducing inequalities in health, access and patient experience
  • Improving health by focusing on prevention and reaching out to those in greatest need
  • Bringing a local focus to health services and influencing the health system to recognise the needs of the patients in East Lincolnshire
  • Having clinicians at the centre leading innovative service change
  • Increasing service integration and co-operation
  • Developing a long term view, with sustainable plans based on sound financial management
  • Attracting the best people to work for us
  • Working together to reduce inappropriate hospital admissions
  • Working together with all parties for better care