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pdf CG024 (a & b) NEPTS Eligibiliy Criteria Policy - CURRENT - Review November 2020 New Download (pdf, 506 KB)
pdf CG017 (a) Production of Patient Information Policy - CURRENT - Review November 2020 New Download (pdf, 1.74 MB)
pdf CG001 (a) Respect Policy v1.0 - CURRENT - Review October 2021 New Download (pdf, 580 KB)
pdf CG019 (a) Recruitment, Training & Accreditation of GPs & Practitioners with Special Interest Policy - CURRENT - Review May 2021 (134 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 747 KB)
pdf CG003 Mental Capacity Act (2005) and Deprivation of Liberty (2007) Policy - CURRENT - Review March 2021 (158 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 511 KB)
pdf CG044(a) Lincolnshire COIN Consortium High Level Information Security Policy CURRENT - REVIEW July 2019 (206 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 315 KB)
pdf CG013 Unified DNACPR Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CURRENT Review September 2018 (492 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 495 KB)
pdf CG014 Assisted Conception Treatments Involving Surrogates CURRENT REVIEW April 2020 (244 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 126 KB)
pdf CG012 Nurse and Midwifery Revalidation Policy CURRENT Review November 2019 (757 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 776 KB)
pdf CG023 Commissioning Policy for IVF CURRENT Review December 2018 (2198 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 344 KB)
pdf CG004 Development and Control of Patient Group Directions (PGDs) CURRENT Review December 2018 (746 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 527 KB)
pdf CG036 Prior Approval Policy CURRENT Review April 2018 (1353 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 726 KB)
pdf CG010 An Organisation-Wide Policy for the Development and Management of Policies and Procedural Documents CURRENT REVIEW August 2018 (664 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 375 KB)