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pdf GuCG016 (a) Standards of Business Conduct Conflict of Interest (inc Hospitality Gifts and Sponsorship) - CURRENT - Review June 2020 (83 downloads) Download (pdf, 820 KB)
pdf GuCG006 (a) Business Continuity Management Policy DRAFT 2 - CURRENT - REVIEW December 2020 (20 downloads) Download (pdf, 575 KB)
pdf GuCG007 (a) Quality Impact Assessment Policy - CURRENT - Review December 2020 (92 downloads) Download (pdf, 917 KB)
pdf GuCG009 (a) Patient and Public Involvement Reimbursement Policy - CURRENT - Review August 2021 (81 downloads) Download (pdf, 553 KB)
pdf GuCG025 Agreed Financial Assistance for Practices Experiencing the Impact of Dispersed List - CURRENT - REVIEW February 2021 (129 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 192 KB)
pdf GuCG012(a) Media Handling Procedure - CURRENT - Review January 2020 (166 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 183 KB)
pdf GuCG022 Primary Medical Care Policy Guidance Manual_November 2017 (157 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 2.52 MB)
pdf GuCG017 Recording, Investigating and Management of Complaints, Comments, Concerns and Compliments Policy CURRENT REVIEW April 2020 (252 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 429 KB)
pdf GuCG005 Business Case Process – Review Date: September 2018 (787 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 568 KB)
pdf GuCG003 Inter Agency Dispute Policy CURRENT REVIEW June 2018 (964 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 256 KB)
pdf GuCG010 Bribery Act Policy CURRENT REVIEW December 2018 (638 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 155 KB)
pdf GuCG002 A Staff Guide to the Needs of Ethnic Religious Minority Communities CURRENT Review September 2018 (570 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 483 KB)
pdf GuCG028 PCC Framework for Responding to CQC Inspections of GP Practices Policy -- Publication Date 20 October 2014 (349 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 1.20 MB)
default GuCG001 Audio/Digital Recording on CCG Premises and in CCG Meetings Policy – Review December 2018 (858 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 126 KB)