Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP)

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We are committed to improving quality of health and care services provided in Lincolnshire and boosting health and wellbeing for all of our residents. We do this by working together, across all organisations, and side by side with you, to create services fit for purpose and fit for the future.


How are we going to deliver our plans?

The Lincolnshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership is aiming to give the people of Lincolnshire an effective and easy to use health and care service that will be fit for many future generations.

Our vision is to create a sustainable, long term prevention, self-care and early intervention system. We want to reduce premature illness and death by helping people to look after themselves, working closely within our local communities and neighbourhoods.

To do this we will build clear, joined up care and health packages where your services are provided close to home and with physical health, mental health and social care all working as together as one.

We will work closely with voluntary organisations, charities and networks of care providers in your community; developing urgent care centres, diagnostic support (tests), outpatient services; supporting people as they move through their care journey between hospitals and home.

These things will help us to provide care pathways that are easy to understand and more efficient for all. We will reduce waste, improve efficiency and close services that are not effective but costing us a lot of money. This will also reduce the need for people to go to hospital when they are unwell and have not been able to access care early enough.

Sometimes, a trip to hospital is the best option so we will develop a service that delivers complex, emergency care, as well as providing planned care without long waits and cancellations. It will also include outreach teams to support local neighbourhood working and community facilities, keeping people out of hospital and in their own homes safely.

Lincolnshire deserves a portfolio of high quality services where core principles of the NHS and social care are upheld and the high standards we all aspire to, are met.

Together, we’re better

In Lincolnshire, we know how important the NHS and its services are to everyone so we want to make sure that local people and organisations are involved every step of the way.

Lincolnshire’s Sustainability and Transformation Partnership is committed to  involving patients, the public, partners and key stakeholders in the development of future services, identifying priorities and understanding the needs of our population.

Your input will help to shape the STP’s development and the transformation of our local health and social care services.

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Updated 18/09/2018