What we want to achieve

In five years’ time the NHS in Lincolnshire East will be offering a radically different experience to patients. The balance between hospital and community care will have moved significantly; care in the community will be the norm in most situations and hospital admission will only happen when it is essential. The boundaries between services that have led to issues with patients moving smoothly along care pathways will have been eliminated, and patients will have a seamless relationship with their care provider – not many separate relationships as happens today.

There will be a single view of the patient. across the entire health and social care system.

There will be a far greater emphasis on wellness and on early intervention to prevent people becoming ill or experiencing an acute episode. Patients with deteriorations in their conditions will be identified proactively and action taken to prevent or minimise their impact. All of this will be done in closer partnership with the patient, who will be much more active in their own health and care management. The role and contribution of carers is enormously important and they will be empowered and supported.

In order to deliver this vision Lincolnshire East CCG is embarking upon an ambitious programme of system leadership, innovation and change. We will be working in partnership with our providers on new models of service underpinned by appropriate business and contractual arrangements. We envisage this will commence with alliance contract approaches, and will culminate in the creation of new organisational forms. Our commissioning will be increasingly population based, with a consistent service offer to all patients. Over the next five years we will move toward place based models of service and capitated approaches to funding. We envisage three layers of ‘place’ building from our 260K population base for locally delivered and commissioned services, supported by Lincolnshire-wide elements for more specialist hospital services, and a regional or larger geography for specialist commissioning and tertiary care requirements.

System navigation will become a core part of the NHS, with simpler choices for patients of the best place for the level of care they require. Our services will be working from a single, shared understanding of the service model, capacity, and capability of every part of the health and care system. Patients will be guided to the most appropriate care setting though a combination of intervention, self-help and sign-posting.

This will require innovation and vision. We will be working to an integrated, single view of the patient and silos of information will be a thing of the past. This will extend to the patients and carers themselves, who will be active partners in their care and working on and with their own health records, participating in their care narrative and contributing their own notes, recordings, measurements and insights. We will achieve this by introducing integrated records systems and sharing them with the patient, who will have a one-stop access to all their relevant care records through a selection of web and mobile device based systems.

Further details can be found in our Operational Plan 2017/19 >>