How we involve you

 Our commitment

We ensure that patients and the public are at the heart of our decision making

The CCG is committed to understanding the needs of our population and empowering patients to have more choice and control over their condition, in the development of future services and by identifying priorities. We aim to improve local health services and respond to the health needs of everyone in the area by ensuring patients and the public are at the heart of decision making.

This commitment is embedded within our constitution

Page 12 of the constitution clearly highlights the importance of patient and public participation in section 5.2 General Duties - in discharging its functions the CCG will:

  • Make arrangements to secure public involvement in the planning, development and consideration of proposals for changes and decisions affecting the operation of commissioning arrangements by:

a) Working in partnership with patients and the local community to secure the best care for them

b) Adapting engagement activities to meet the specific needs of different patient groups and communities

c) Publishing information about health services on the Group’s website and though other media

d) Encouraging and acting on feedback

e) Appointing a Non-Executive member of the Governing Body with lead responsibility for public involvement

f) Engaging with the Local Authority Overview and Scrutiny Committee where formal consultation on changes is required

g) Reporting performance against this requirement periodically in the Group’s Governing Body public papers and annually in the Group’s Annual Report

We also show this commitment in our Values and particularly our Patient Focus value where we commit to seek the views of patients and take them into account in what we do.

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