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The Patient Council was established as part of the governance arrangements of the CCG and exists to provide assurance and scrutiny in relation to the CCG’s plans. Membership includes Patient Participation Group (PPG) representatives from Lincolnshire East CCG member practices, who attend to represent the views of patients and the public. Click here to view our Terms of Reference.

The purpose of the patient council is to ensure the population served by the CCG have a voice in the planning and delivery of health services. 


To better understand the way this is intended to work  pdf please see the presentation made during the September 2016 meeting (280 KB) .

Representing Patient Views

As you will see from the above flow diagram, PPG representatives who sit on the Virtual Patient Council gather feedback, opinions and views from local patients and healthcare service users and present this back to the council meetings on behlaf of patients registeredat the CCG's 30 member practices. Using this document  feedback form (53 KB)  will assist representatives to record the information throughout the process and encourage two way communication between the CCG and patients.


Through this Virtual Patient Council page, the CCG welcomes feedback on the topics discussed at the Patient Council meetings and if you have any comments or questions please contact the Engagement team by telephone 01522 15305 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Travel Claim Form

document Click here for the Patient travel claim form (64 KB) - Please note, we are able to honour travel claims received within one month, of the end of the month in which the meeting took place.

Please click on the links below to view the documents for each meeting:

pdf (236 KB) folder March 2017 Meeting Papers pdf
December 2016 Meeting Papers
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pdf September 2016 Meeting Papers
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pdf June 2016 Meeting papers
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pdf March 2016 Meeting papers (250 KB)

pdf (250 KB) folder 2015 Meeting Papers

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