CCGs set to Unveil New Maternity Transformation Programme for Lincolnshire

An exciting new Maternity Transformation Programme is Lincolnshire’s response to the national review and recommendations made in the National Maternity Review (Better Births).

The Maternity Transformation Programme will drive forward the implementation in Lincolnshire of the Better Births review, including work to reduce the rate of stillbirths, neonatal and maternal deaths.

Better Births set out a vision of what maternity services should look like in the future and talks about working together across organisational boundaries, to provide a service that is kind, professional and safe, offering women informed choice and a better experience by personalizing their care.

Locally, a Lincolnshire Local Maternity System (LMS) has been set up and the new Lincolnshire Maternity Transformation Programme Board will bring together providers, commissioners and service users of maternity services in the county.  This mirrors national work to establish a maternity Transformation Programme Board alongside a Maternity Transformation Council, to support the design and delivery of Better Births. 

“The Lincolnshire Maternity Transformation Programme will be about enabling women, babies and families to be able to access the care and support they want and, at the same time, enabling NHS staff to support the delivery of this care, including our plans for implementation of the National Maternity Review: Better Births Recommendations,” comments Tracy Pilcher, Chief Nurse, Lincolnshire East CCG, and Senior Responsible Officer for the Lincolnshire Maternity Transformation Programme.

“It will lead on the implementation of the identified local priorities from Better Births across Lincolnshire, with a view to the recommendations made by Better Births being fully implemented by the end of 2020-21.”

If you would like to find out more about Better Births, please click on Better Births: Improving outcomes of maternity services in England.