Lincolnshire East CCG revises proposed model of care to be provided for County Hospital Louth

Lincolnshire East CCG can confirm it has revised its proposed model of care for County Hospital, Louth, following a series of engagement events and feedback from local people.

Having originally proposed two potential models, the CCG has now made changes to its proposed model of care as follows:

Carlton Ward will be developed to provide 20 beds, which will be utilised across the following care pathways:

  • Assessment and Recovery

  • Rehabilitation and Re-ablement

  • Palliative care, including symptom control, and end of life care

  • Admission avoidance including access pathways for primary and community care and EMAS.

In addition, Manby Ward would reopen as a Frailty Assessment Unit, with a focus on eight beds for short-term management and assessment.  The unit would focus on providing short term care for patients, up to 72 hours, with treatment and care planning underpinned by a revised Frailty Assessment, Stabilisation and Treatment (FAST) pathway.  The CCG is also looking at developing a day case service on the unit, which will focus on providing ambulatory care services.

A fully equipped gym will support assessment of mobility and the development of a personalised therapy plan. It is anticipated that Manby Ward will also host members of the Neighbourhood Team and be part of Integrated Neighbourhood Working.  This model shifts the focus from wholly hospital-based care to a true community care model which will support the Home First programme.

Co-location with the Neighbourhood Team will give access to a range of specialisms including primary care, specialist continence, respiratory and heart failure nurses, mental health teams, pharmacist and potentially a geriatrician. It will also provide access to a range of non-clinical services including the third sector.

The CCG will continue to work closely with Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS), and the two organisations will now focus on implementing this revised model of care, which will be evaluated after 12 months.

Tracy Pilcher, Chief Nurse at Lincolnshire East CCG said:  “We have listened to all the comments raised at the engagement events and as a result revised our proposed model of care to be provided from County Hospital Louth.  The benefits of the new model of care we have proposed will mean that patients can remain closer to their home and have access to a wider range of services that would not have necessarily been available previously. 

“As we have previously stated we are committed to the future provision of hospital services to the people of Louth and the surrounding area and this can be shown by our investment in increasing the number of beds within the hospital.  We will be working with LCHS to finalise planning and to implement the revised model.”


Updated 27/11/2018