Ask your pharmacist for advice

Pharmacy counter

A visit to the pharmacy could save you a trip to the GP!

Pharmacists play a key role in providing quality healthcare. They're experts in medicines, and use their clinical expertise, together with their practical knowledge, to advise you on common problems, such as coughs, colds, aches and pains, as well as healthy eating and stopping smoking. 

Many pharmacies are open during evenings and weekends so you can see your local pharmacist anytime. Just walk in, you don't need an appointment. You can have a confidential consultation with the pharmacist in a private area of the pharmacy.

If your condition needs the attention of a GP or another healthcare professional, the pharmacist will recognise this. They will advise you to see your GP or the most appropriate healthcare professional.

You can find more information about pharmacy services on the NHS website

Find your nearest pharmacy on the NHS website